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    VCenter 7.0 and VSAN 6.7U3

    ManuelDB Novice

      Hello all,

      I know that it is a supported solution, as VCenter now it's not more linked to VSAN version (Vcenter ver >= Vsan Ver), but I want to know if it's better to stay with VCenter 6.7u3g or it's better tu update VCenter to 7.0, considering that I can't yet upgrade VSAN stretched cluster over 6.7u3 because of controllers HCL.


      Thanks for any suggestions


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          I wouldn't bother personally. I would stay on 6.7 U3 if it is stable and wait to go to 7.x when your hardware is supported.

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            ManuelDB Novice

            Thanks Duncan, so you suggest to stay with VCenter 6.7u3f and not upgrade it to 7.0 (mantaining VSAN 6.7u3 in both scenario) until full upgrade also the cluster to VSphere/VSAN 7, right?

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              andvm Enthusiast

              Upgrading vCenter to 7.0 will not change the vSAN version of clusters with ESXi 6.7U3.


              Only when you also upgrade all ESXi hosts in the cluster to 7.0 will the vSAN version update.


              So you can upgrade vCenter to 7.0 (assuming you meet pre-requirements/compatibility) and then upgrade your hosts later.

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                Svedja Enthusiast

                Actually, vCenter 7 will REQUIRE vSAN7 licences. pre-vSAN6 licenses applied to clusters will become evaluation licenses and vSAN6 licenses cannot be applied after the vCenter upgrade

                At least our vCenter does that. I had to upgrade our vSAN licenses to resolve the vSAN cluster license being "evaluation", so now I have vSAN7 license on vSAN6 clusters.


                The hosts can stay on ESX6.x and there is no problem with their corresponding license.


                And yes, I have an open ticked with Vmware support regarding this issue.

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                  ManuelDB Novice

                  Thanks for the feedback!

                  This was one of the thing that I was looking for, like graphical glitches or license compatibility because of new functionalities implemented on VCenter 7.0 vs VSAN/VSphere 6.7U3.


                  Will the VSAN license upgrade to 7.0 impact the 6.x cluster? I think not, but as it's a production cluster, all we don't want is to find our cluster read/only after 60-90 days


                  Also times ago the support suggests me to keep VCenter alligned to VSAN version (at the time it was VSAN 6.7 and VCenter 6.7u1). I know that VCenter if now fully backward compatible with VSAN, but this suggestion from support makes me reconsider mixing versions (consider that most of the clusters where I work are simple single VSAN cluster with 1 VCenter and no other standard clusters inside).

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                    Svedja Enthusiast

                    As far as I can see there is no visible difference/change when applying vSAN7 license on vSAN6.7U3 cluster.

                    Everything works as expected, except if you have CPU with more than 32 cores per socket as that is the new max in vSphere 7.