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    vLCM - HPe HSM - Fetching of online depot URL failed

    KKvss Novice

      Hello Team VMware,


      today, I want to try the new vLCM in combination with HPe iLO Amplifier to firmware patching my ESXi hosts.

      I successfully installed the HPe iLO Amplifier appliance and let it communicate with the vCenter.

      I also uploaded the 3 latest HPe SPP firmware into the appliance but I can´t use it in the vCenter.


      When I press "Add" for the Online Software Depot I get the following error:

      Fetching of online depot URL failed. Depot URL not found in the SPP details.


      Is somebody aware about that or got the HPe iLO Amplifier with VUM to fly?


      Fetching Error.JPG

      vCenter 7: 16386335
      ESXi 7: 16324942
      Amplifier: 1.70


      I really appreciate your help in advance.