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    Network Printers Mapping

    JackBack42 Novice

      Hello there!


      We are working on a windows 10 rollout utilizing DEM 9.11 as well as thinprint to map printers hosted on a printer server on logon depending on their IP address, this works flawlessly in the windows 7 environment, but on windows 10 we are having some issues.


      Basically what happens in a user logs in, if they go to control panel the printers are listed and they can navigate to properties and see the driver that is listed, but if they go to an application to print the printer is not listed. the work around is to manually remove the printer and map it manually which my boss is not pleased with.


      I have all of the drivers on the golden image to reduce installing and login times as we are really struggling with login times currently.


      Could that be a possible culprit or has anyone else ran into similar issues?