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    Using custom groups or environments in dashboards

    eric_silberberg Novice

      We have custom groups created for some of our top level customers based on folder or folder and cluster hierarchy. I can run a report against that custom environment specifically by going to environments and then reports. The content I want will be scoped to just that group of machines.

      How I do the same with dashboards? My views give me the right vm specific information but I can't seem to get the list of custom groups to be my start point in the object picker.

      My goal would be to select any one of the custom groups to see vm details and specifics for that collection only.

      When creating the dashboard would I start with Environment, Tag Picker, Container overview, object list or other entitly? So that I could then use self provider/input to narrow the scope.


      I'd love to use a modified version of Heavy Hitter VM's against these groupings rater than by cluster. Or better yet, Brandon Gordon's oversize undersized dashboard. vRealize Operations Sample Exchange then I could just publish it to each major department instead of emailing reports.


      My desired groupings:

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          eric_silberberg Novice

          I'm closer!

          For my object list I have self provider on, and in my input data I have filtered for container or environment.

          I could then successfully pipe that collection in to a vm list or other widget. I don't have a dynamically updating source list of all my departments yet but I'll keep banging on it.


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            sxnxr Master

            This is where group types come into play. In your case you have created all you custom groups under the enviroment "group type" As a side note you can create your own in the administration, configuration, group types.


            i am guessing in you object list under output filter you are scrolling down the list and expanding enviroment and multy selecting the custom groups which is why it is not dynamic.



            The better way is at the start of the list expand object types


            Scroll down to the enviroment section. Notice the 3 at the end is how many objects are currently in that group type.




            Your object list will show all 3 in my case



            If i add more custom groups with the enviroment group type it will dynamicly update your widget