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    Management IP of velocloud Edge

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      I just want to know about management IP


      Can we advertise management IP into SDWAN overlay. How can we advertise management IPs

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          Have you already seen the manual attached?



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            The management IP is in the process of being deprecated so is no longer advertised to the overlay or underlay as of release 3.4.  Here's the write up from 3.4.0 release notes:


            Deprecation of “Management IP”


            In Release 2.x., before VMware SD-WAN supported network segmentation, the "Management IP" was introduced as a secondary virtual IP address on a VLAN. This was introduced due to underlying system limitations that prevented initiating traffic from LAN IP addresses or reaching the LAN IP address from across the VPN (e.g. for ping or SNMP).


            In Release 3.x., the Management IP was de-coupled from the VLANs to support using all routed interfaces. This is now the recommended configuration on all platforms except VMware SD-WAN Edge models 500, 520,and 540—which have anintegrated hardware switch.


            In Release 4.x., the Management IP will be fully removed from the system and replaced with a flexible mechanism for choosing the source interface for locally originatedtraffic. As an interim step, we must eliminate reliance on the Management IP so that it can be safely removed completely.


            As a result, Release 3.4.0 Edges will no longer source any traffic from the Management IP by default. Instead, the Edge will choose the first "up and advertised" interface ona segment to initiate traffic. If no such LAN interfaces are found, traffic will egress directly to the Internet using a NAT-enabled WAN link.


            CautionaryNote: This means that customers who are currently sending traffic sourced from the Management IP (e.g. Radius, DNS) via VPN in the global segment and do not have any up and advertised LAN interfaces in the global segment will see this stop working upon upgrade. The VMware SD-WAN Support Team can assist these users in restoring the pre-3.4.0 behavior,if required,as they prepare to transition away from the Management IP. We will introduce "loopback interfaces" in an upcoming 4.x release to address this transition seamlessly.