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    Passthrough HBA and ESXi raid 1

    b1izzard Enthusiast

      I have 4 HP DL380 gen 8 servers I am planning on setting up vSAN on.  This is new to me, so I am at the point where I am just researching this.  It has a P420i controller that has the capability for passthrough which from what I am reading is the preferred way to set this up (vs a raid 0 for every single disk).  The problem is that it appears to be one or the other...that is either passthrough or HP raid.  So my question how is this normally accomplished?  Do some install a 2nd controller just for the ESXi host OS raid 1, and passthrough for the other controller?   I can't imagine that using passthrough mode that people install ESXi on a single disk if that is even possible.  I did see there is a Dell controller that gives you the ability to do both raid and passthrough, but that doesn't help for my HP's.   Is there an HP controller that does this as well?  What is normally done to solve this conundrum?  Thanks