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    Win 10 2004 Desktop Capture

    surplusaphid76 Lurker

      Using DEM 9.11 with non-persistent Insta Clone desktops.

      Can DEM capture the shortcuts or documents a user leaves on their desktop?

      Not using App Volumes or App Stacks

      Any pointers,

      Thank you

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          DEMdev Master
          VMware Employees

          Hi surplusaphid76,


          A personalization config file with the following content will do that:


          Note that DEM personalization feature is really meant to persist and restore user settings, rather than user data, so you might be better off to configure folder redirection (in Windows or in DEM) to redirect the Desktop folder to a network location.


          (BTW, there are no known issues, but Windows 10 Version 2004 is not officially supported in DEM 9.11. It will be with our upcoming DEM release.)

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            surplusaphid76 Lurker

            Thank you DEMdev,

            I have been racking my brain looking for this. btw, 2004 is working great except for the Smart card login issue with the invalid parameter. I found the kb for it that says it's no issue.