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    vmware-sps service failed to start since update to 7.0.0b

    Raudi Hot Shot



      my last successful appliance backup was at the 22.06.2020, after updating from 7.0.0a to 7.0.0b no backup was started because the vmware-sps isn't running.


      Even when i reboot the VCSA the service don't came up. In the sps.log i found this errors:


      ERROR opId=W2 com.vmware.vim.storage.common.VmodlErrorStrings - ProviderLoader initialization is ongoing.

      ERROR opId=W2 com.vmware.vim.sms.StorageManagerImpl - [queryProvider] Failed with exception.

      ERROR opId=sps-Main-978725-506 com.vmware.vim.storage.common.kv.KvDefaultValueMarshaller - Unable to unmarshal stream to object.

      ERROR opId=sps-Main-978725-506 com.vmware.vim.storage.common.kv.LocalKvReaderWriter - Failed to get values for the key prefix '' from the provider '[Name:providerInfoKvProvider Optimistic locking:]'.

      ERROR opId=sps-Main-978725-506 com.vmware.vim.sms.StorageManagerImpl - Exception while loading providers!


      This is going into the direction, but i can't access the sps web page, because the service isn't running: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/78900?lang=en_US 


      Has anyone a hint for resolving that issue?