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    Content Locker

    BeckyGilchrist Lurker

      I'm hoping someone can help us solve a Content Locker issue that several users are experiencing.  When trying to sync, Content Locker attempts to synchronize thousands of documents, basically making the app unusable.  Any suggestions?

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          AntonThirifays Enthusiast


          How do you use Content Locker ?


          If as a push content (just as PortFolio app) from Console > Content > List View , then, if you force push this document, Content will indeed trigger the download and syncing of all documents in there.

          If this is the case, better use PortFolio app instead of Content which is designed for this purpose.


          If you use Content as a way to access a specific FS (general or personal), then you should not face the issue. Make sure you add the common repositories in Content > Repositories > Admin repository with proper UAG / Relay set app and proper deployment to targeted devices.

          Make sure at no point you have the force push set on a folder, else it will trigger automatic download and synchronisation of said folders.


          For personal, add them dynamically in Content > Repositories > Templates > Automatic , again pay attention to the setup of those.



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            MatthewSwenson Novice

            To second Anton's reply,


            If you're going to publish documents through the managed content area (Console > Content > List View), and you don't want them to download automatically, make sure the individual documents are not set to Required or Automatic.  Otherwise, they will download automatically whenever the device app syncs.

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              BeckyGilchrist Lurker

              Thank you to both Matthew and Anton for the suggestions.  It looks like it worked for a few people, but not everyone.  We are still having people complain about documents not loading.  We keep doing a workaround of uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but we are still looking for what could be the root cause.  Any other ideas to try?

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                MatthewSwenson Novice

                That sounds like a completely different issue than the one you first described...


                Are these PDF files?  Do you see a Limited View popup and then have the preview applet close?