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    vROPS Federation : Get "Start-Dashboards" working ( Operations Overview & more ) ?

    Chakoe1 Novice

      Hi all,


      is it possible to get vROPS "Start-Screens" ( Home -> Operations Overview , Optimize Capacitiy | Overview and others ) working within

      vROPS Federation ? How ?




      Thx in advance



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          sxnxr Master

          Any Dashboard yes. The main "home screens" in you second pic no.


          For the dashboards you need to change all the widgets to use the federation adapter objects. There are some allready there as part of the management pack and the operations one is one of them. In the dashboard list there is a federation folder that will have the most common ones.


          As for the "Home screens" in you second screenshot no they are by default using the vsan/vcenter adapter. All the federation objects are collected using the federation adapter and as you cant reconfigure them you cant have them use the federation adapter data.