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    Keyboard keys not working... Help!

    wobY Lurker

      So I was messing around with VM software today and I found VMware mentioned in a thread. I was like, I'll give it a try. We only used Oracle's VB in school and I wanted to try other things. So... I installed the Workstation Pro.


      I saw the Enhanced keyboard option and decided to install that as well and oh boi was it a bad decision.


      So here I am right now, trying to fix my keyboard for the past hour. The issue I'm having is my "C" and "Y" keys don't work. AT ALL.


      I've went to the Control panel and as the option for VMware was Change I click that. I'm greeted with 3 options, Repair, Change and ofc Uninstall. So I think to myself... Let's click change and just... Remove the keyboard thingy. NOPE, doesn't work. Restarted the PC and, well still. No go. Well, what other thing to do than uninstall the software, right? Well... NO! Still a no go brodda. Soooo.....


      As every other smart person I... Started searching on the interwebs if people had this issue. And I found out that... Well, indeed they did have. So I scroll down the forum posts here and I see people talking about the registy key. I check the key and well... The only thing I have there is the key they say not to remove. The "kbdclass" or whatever it is. So, I continue looking and I find a post where it's mentioned to put something into a config file. Now issue is... Which config file. My man had already uninstalled the software. Okay so... I reinstalled it. Didn't tick the keyboard thingy and just put the thing in the config file, restarted the PC and... N O P E!!! Still showing me a middle finger and laughing.


      So... After another, 4 posts where people suggested the same fix like the previous ones I did I have decided to come here and write this essay in hope someone, ANY ONE, will have some other ideas one how to fix this. I'm trying to write/respond to customers/email and well... Every time I need C or Y in the word I have to use the on-screen keyboard W10 offers.


      I'm really frustrated this happened, and I really hope someone has an idea on how I'd fix this. Thanks


      Host PC:


      Was VMware W Pro 15.5.6

      If it helps... Keyboard is AORUS K7