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    7.11 - Agent DMP Files

    LeeCza Lurker

      We're seeing around 500 hosts (26% of our estate) with DMP files in %programdata%\VMware\VDM\Dumps.  On the hosts the logs range from just a couple to 71GBs worth.


      We're on:

      Horizon 7.11

      Client 7.11

      Tools 11.0.5


      All the DMP files are named as our SysTrack service user.  Which leads me to believe the account is trying to access a VMware process or something.


      My question is:  Does anyone know of any tools to view these DMP files?


      I have tried Winternals Dbgview.exe and Cmtrace.exe - but they cant view them.  There doesnt seem to be much information about these files on the Internet.


      Any help would be appreciated.