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    Trying to monitor Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster with vROPS 8.1 and Container MP 1.4.3 getting "Failed to test adapter: onTest failed. Multiple trusted certificates found when only 1 is expected."

    fduranti Hot Shot

      I saw this blog article ( Monitor Tanzu Kubernetes clusters using vRealize Operations - VMware Cloud Management ) that explain how to monitor Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster with vROPS and talk about vSphere 7.

      I'm doing some tests and tried to configure vROPS 8.1 with Container MP 1.4.3 to monitor a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster.

      I followed the procedure and configured all the things.

      When I got to create the Kubernetes adapter I get an error related to trusted certificates.

      What happen is that vrops ask me 2 times to approve a certificate (with different thumbprint) and after that I get an error saying "          "

      Checking on certificates I see that there are 2 defined for that adapter. Trying to delete one of them (or both) give me the same problem at the next validation of the adapter.

      There's any way to solve this problem or force the approval having 2 certificate defined ?