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    Horizon VDI session freezes after 2 minutes

    houstonb Lurker

      For about two years I've been using Horizon client version 4.10.0 on mym Windows 10 laptop without any problems. About two weeks ago my VDI sessions started freezing just over two minutes after connecting; this time frame is pretty consistent every time I connect. I'm connecting to my company network via a Global Protect VPN client.


      So far I've tried:

      • Resetting the desktop from the Horizon menu - seems to have no effect on anything.
      • Upgrading Horizon to 5.4.3
      • Downgrading my Global Protect client to a version in use by a colleague who does not experience the problem (I had wondered if a recent GP update was the issue)
      • Uninstalling and reinstalling Horizon several times, trying a different destination folder on a couple of occasions.
      • Took my home broadband out of the equation by tethering to my mobile's 4G.


      ...all to no avail.


      If anyone else has come across this problem and knows the resolution, I'd love to hear about it.