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    AppV Storage Replication

    vBritinUSA Enthusiast

      I have a Support ticket open for this but wondered if anyone else has experienced it.


      All I am trying to do, what I've done many times is replicate (2.X) App Packages from Site A to Site B. The only difference is its AppVolumes 4, the same version of AppVoumes Managers and the same ISO used to to do the install.


      I created a Storage Replication Group in Site A. vSan > NFS Share. Works perfectly.

      Then I created a Storage Replication Group in Site B. vSan > NFS Share. Doesn't Work.


      Looking at logs I see this.


      Site-B. It's trying to use the old path cloudvolumes/apps

      This is a new install, no AVM 2.X before.


      Does anyone know where this setting is held? GSS is not very helpful and was told to upgrade to 4.1 2006 what didn't work.


      Thanks in advance