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    Remote Desktop (RDP) stops working on host when using vmware workstation 15

    arzoo1 Novice

      I'm having a strange issue with Remote Desktop and VMWare. On my host PC (running Win10), I often connect to multiple other systems using remote desktop. I also connect to a vm using Workstation 15 Player. The OS on the vm client is Win7 Pro. This all works fine as long as I don't disconnect the remote desktop sessions. If I do disconnect and need to reconnect, remote desktop fails to connect. The only way to get remote desktop working again on the host is to shutdown the vm and reboot the host (which is a huge pain). I thought maybe the issue had something to do with the RDP services on the vm client, but disabling those did not make a difference. When the problem occurs I've tried restarting the RDP services on the host, but that doesn't help, only a reboot works. It's not clear whether this is an issue with remote desktop or vmware, but the problem doesn't occur until the vmware session is active. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!