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    Horizon View monitor issue when switching between remote and local login

    ITBerg Lurker

      Hi everyone,


      We have enabled Horizon View for some of our users who are working with a workstation for Solidworks. We have done this by installing the agent on their physical computer, added these to our Connection Server and assigned their own workstation to each user. So now the users are able to login from home on their workstation which is in the office.


      Now we are having some issues when users get back in the office and login locally on these workstation. One of both physical monitors are disabled, or their main monitor is a 3rd of 4th monitor which seem the be virtual monitors. When I take over the computer using remote control software, I am able to see all 4 monitors so I can correct the issue by enabling the physical monitors in their Windows display settings.


      Now this is a fix for this, but of course not what I would like to do every morning. Does anyone know why this happens and how I can resolve this?


      I am running the Horizon View 7.12 agent on Windows 10 workstations.