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    Intelligent Hub - Hub Services

    SHMike Novice

      I'm wanting to enable Hub Services for our Intelligent Hub so that I can use the branding option to set our company logo in the intelligent hub. I've had this enabled in our test environment for awhile now and unfortunately don't remember what type of impact it had on my test devices when I enabled it. Trying to find out what kind of experience my BYOD user might have if I was to enable it in our production environment?

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          chengtmskcc Expert

          Per VMware:


          • Customization settings are persisted in Hub for the duration of the active ‘session’ (default 8 hours), so there will typically be a delay in changes appearing.  Events which result in new Hub sessions:
          • When user (re)signs in to Hub app – Shared Device
          • When user kills the app and relaunches
          • If user opens app after more than 8 hours and refreshes session
          • If user resets the Hub app (un-enroll / re-enroll)