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    NSX-V 6.4.4 - Modify current number of VTEPs

    Lalegre Enthusiast

      Hello you all.


      I would like to know if there is a way of modifying the number of VTEPs after having all the cluster prepared and with virtual machines running on it. I found the way in the VMware Documentations of changing the Teaming and Failover policy, MTU and Uplinks using API and read something about modifying the VTEP quantity by using PowerNSX but only on the preparation.


      Is it possible or maybe this will need to be requested to VMware Support?



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          nachogonzalez Enthusiast

          Hello Mr @Lalegre hope you are doing fine


          There is no way of modifying the VTEP number from a GUI

          Configure VXLAN from the Primary NSX Manager

          Set up logical networking.

          This involves selecting a vSphere Distributed Switch, a VLAN ID, an MTU size, an IP addressing mechanism, and a NIC teaming policy.

          For example, the following table shows sample configuration values that you can specify in the Configure VXLAN Networking dialog box for a management cluster backed by VLAN 150 and with a fail over NIC teaming policy. The number of VTEPs is not editable in the UI. The VTEP number is set to match the number of dvUplinks on the vSphere distributed switch being prepared.




          But I have found a way on



          Check the Working With Network Fabric Configuration chapter


          Configure VXLAN

          POST /api/2.0/nwfabric/configure




          <resourceId>CLUSTER MOID</resourceId>

          <configSpec class="clusterMappingSpec">


          <objectId>DVS MOID</objectId></switch>



          <ipPoolId>IPADDRESSPOOL ID</ipPoolId>




          <resourceId>DVS MOID</resourceId>

          <configSpec class="vdsContext">


          <objectId>DVS MOID</objectId>







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            Lalegre Enthusiast

            Unfortunaly already tried that but that only works in the scenario where i am configuring for the first time. Anyways i just found the way of editing the cluster properties on NSX using API Calls but that only reflect changes for the new Logical Switches and their Teaming and Failover Policy or MTU.


            Regarding the configurations of the VTEPs and their respective portgroups i already opened a VMware Support ticket so after i got the answer i will post here the solution and the procedure.