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    NSX-T Uplink Profiles

    Nilsie Novice



      Can anyone explain why they specify VLAN 1647 and 1648 as Transport VLANs on the Uplink Profiles?

      Ref. Create Uplink Profiles


      They have already specified VLAN 1649 as the Transport VLAN.

      Ref. Create Overlay Profile


      So why are they using three VLANs for Edge Overlay traffic?



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          Abhilashhb Virtuoso
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          An uplink profile defines policies for the uplinks. The settings defined by uplink profiles can include teaming policies, active and standby links, transport VLAN ID, and MTU setting.


          The first link is for the uplinks for edge virtual machine uplink traffic and the second link you have provided is for the Edge virtual machine overlay traffic. That's why they need separate VLANs.

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            Nilsie Novice



            Thanks for replying.


            I understand why they need different VLANs for Overlay and Uplinks, but that does not explain why they assign VLAN 1647 and 1648 as Transport VLANs on the Uplink Profiles. VLAN 1647 and 1648 are already tagged for VLAN traffic on the Segments. What is the reason they want us to tag Overlay traffic on the Uplinks? Shouldn't these be dedicated for external VLAN traffic to the ToRs?