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    BGP Romotely Trigged Black Hole (RTBH)

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      How to enable RTBH capability on an Velocloud SD-WAN, matching prefixes from the overlay with community and set a next hop. The feature is currently enabled on MPLS and would like the same  on Velocloud SD-WAN. I don't really think RTBH is supported natively on Velocloud, I would like to know if there are ways to achieve the same results.

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          lhoffer Expert
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          There is no specific RTBH functionality built into the solution as generally the WAN isn't a common place to black hole traffic.  Closest thing you could potentially do would be to use the uplink community to prevent certain prefixes from being redistributed into the overlay, but you obviously still run the risk of that traffic going somewhere undesirable by matching a less specific route and can't directly change the next hop to truly black hole the traffic.