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    strange thermal issue after patching to ESXi 7.0b

    microlytix Novice

      Did anybody else experience CPU thermal issues after patching to latest ESX 7.0b 16324942 build?

      I'm using Supermicro SYS-E300-9D-8CN8TP with Xeon D-2146NT. BIOS 1.3

      CPU temperature goes berzerk during ESX boot. Same host on Ubuntu-Live CD is fine.

      4 hosts affected. 3 with critical temperature >98C and one >80C. Problem occured right after patching and host reboot. Cluster was fine on 7.0 GA.

      I noticed there was a microcode update included.


      Read details on findings here: https://www.elasticsky.de/en/2020/07/strange-thermal-issue-after-update-to-esxi-7-0b/


      I guess it's system specific. Yet the E300-9D is HCL compliant.

      Can anyone confirm?




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