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    Green Screen of Death.

    RockyAire Lurker

      When I use Vmware Horizon Version 5.2 and above to the latest rev to view a remote computer connection at work.  I get a green screen. Everything is green with lettering being green/black. Completely unusable, and hard to read.  The green starts with connecting with the Remote Desktop Connection ( a small screen). The background screens are normal. This continues on to the next small screens, up to and including the main "transfer screen" that is the remote computer.  So everything Vmware touches become green.  There was another post that to fix it you have to download the 64 bit version. For windows (I am using windows 7) There is no 64 bit version, or a way of selecting a 64 bit option to down load or to configure.


      I have tried to change the resolution down with no difference. matter of fact. I get the problems of the other green screen post were everything is jumbled up.


      I did have some success in using Version 5.0. No green screen but the problem was that the slowness and response rate was beyond usable. Typing would take 5 seconds between keystrokes. Moving item in the screen with the mouse would take up to 20 seconds for the first screen and would continue to move for 2 minutes afterwards. (as if the first capture of were the mouse was and continues to where the mouse ends up).


      I have a great internet connection, High end Graphics card and a fast processer and fast SSD (Solid State Drive) and a larger 28inch monitor  and I have used other similar programs with no problem. The company has defined that we will now use this program! So let it be written, so let it be done.


      Picture attached is the first screen, As you can see the background of the internet start is ok. (view is cropped for security reasons). but show enough. It is interesting that this green color is the same green as the Vmware Horizon Icon.