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    VCSA SMTP Alerts not going out via port 587 despite being configured in Advanced Settings

    CompassITCanada Lurker

      Doesn't seem to be too much on the internet and I have a case open with support # SR 2013496530 so I'm looking for inspiration here


      I have set advanced settings for SMTP specify the Office relay FQDN username, password and port 587.


      I have also edited the submit.cf and added smartest entry which is still active ie. DS[smtp.office365.com] and restarted sendmail.


      When I trigger an alarm I get an error in Events saying that

      Alarm 'TEST SMTP ALERT' on

      cannot send email to dturner@lxxxxxxxxxx.xxx


      I look at the firewall logs and I see it is still trying to connect to Microsoft server on port 25.


      I tried adding in the port number to Submit.cf in the SMTP daemon options, restarted sendmail but still went out on port 25 so I have since commented this out and restarted sendmail.


      Anyone got any other configuration suggestions please?