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    Pearson Vue -- Customer Service Agent Availability

    AAhman1172 Lurker

      I have been trying all week to get a block removed from my Pearson Vue account so I can schedule a VMware certification exam.   This is now the 4th day in a row I have been waiting for over an hour just to get a Pearson Vue customer service agent engaged via their Pearson Vue Customer Service Agent chat interface.   Dialing their customer service phone number results in even a longer wait and after an hour of waiting on either the phone number or chat UI, patience runs out.


      Does VMware Education leadership team realize how such a poor customer service experience from their test proctoring partner tarnishes both the test proctoring vendor and VMware's reputation.  I understand Pearson Vue is one of few service providers but they should still be accountable to VMware Education Team for providing acceptable levels of response and customer service.


      Such a poor customer service experience can be a real deterrent for those wanting to invest in their VMware certifications when Pearson Vue account/billing issues are encountered by testing candidates.

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          scott28tt Guru
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          Cisco, Microsoft, AWS, and many other organisations also use Pearson VUE for their exam administration - so whatever issue you're experiencing reflects on the industry as a whole.


          The block on your account is a Pearson VUE issue, hopefully you will get your issue resolved with them soon.

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            AAhman1172 Lurker

            So, VMware is in the same boat with the other vendors who partner with Pearson Vue.  It just seems Pearson Vue has normalized poor customer service to the point where their technology partners are willing to accept it as business as usual.


            The vendor names referenced are some very large and reputable technology companies who each have their own Education Services team.  It would be a welcomed site to see one or more these big-named technology vendors to champion an effort to push Pearson Vue to improve the service they provide to those in the technology community.

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              scott28tt Guru
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              Pearson VUE have their own business practices and terms and conditions which govern why they block accounts, I understand the most common reason is when someone uses a “bad” method of payment (such as a credit card which gets declined) - as I say this has nothing really to do with any of the IT vendors.

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                AAhman1172 Lurker

                Just take the Pearson Vue "blocked account" reasoning out of the equation for minute as the primary issue/concern is really about being able to engage Pearson Vue either via chat or telephone to even start addressing the blocked account issue.


                Is there no one in VMware Education who has a vested interest in VMware candidates being able to reach a Pearson Vue representative in a timely manner to resolve an account issue they may have?  Or is it truly a "not our problem", "throw it over the fence to the other vendor" stance from VMware Education Team being communicated to this forum?

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                  scott28tt Guru
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                  I don‘t represent VMware in any official capacity on the forums, although I am an employee I do not work in the Education team, I cannot comment further.


                  I hope you get your issue with Pearson VUE resolved.

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                    lbourque Master
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                    Hey AAhman1172,


                    Could you reach out to me personally? (lbourque at vmware dot com). Please include details about what happened as well as your Pearson Vue number, best phone number to reach you and your email address you use to log into VMware Education.


                    I don't know if there is anything we can do but we can try to help. Today is a holiday here in the US so I don't know that I'll get a response but I can, at least, ask our certification team if they can escalate your request.