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    Upgrade Issues

    larntzYEAH Lurker

      I'm curious if anyone else has encountered issues when upgrading a pod.


      Edited to add: these issues have occurred over a period of about 8 months.


      We have experienced the following issues and have a relatively simple deployment.

      • horizon devops team being unable to prep an upgrade (telling us it's an azure issue).
      • horizon devops team halting upgrades for months due to issues on Microsoft's side
      • a failed upgrade that could not be rolled back due to issues in azure that we (the end user, not VMware) had to open a new ticket with Microsoft for and get resolved before the devops team could roll the environment back (took 12 hours to resolve).


      We are still stuck on the v2.1 (1600) release.


      Has anyone else experienced similar issues?


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          vgerg Novice

          I had a Pod which I was using for getting up to speed with HCoA and it was stuck at manifest 1976.2. I requested an upgrade but was told there is an Azure issue that needs to be fixed. Several months later I was still unable to get it upgraded so I ended up deleting it and starting again. The new Pod came out as manifest 2298.0. The HCoA portal still says "Horizon Cloud Multi-Smartnode

          Version: 2.2" I'm told that is also a bug!


          I have a Customer Pod that is on the same manifest 1976.2 and they have support with VMware so we'll see if I get any better info when I raise the SR.