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    Horizon 7 Published Applications and Notification Balloons

    fbisgaard Lurker

      We recently moved away from Citrix app publishing to VMware. One of our apps uses notification balloons to inform users when a job or report changes its status. We migrated it to Horizon 7 as a published application running on a Windows 2016 RDS host. Unfortunately, the application session doesn't want to render any notification balloons on the users desktop. The task tray icon is there and you can interact with it, but it just doesn't show any pop-up notifications. When running the application via a full RDP session to the RDS host, the notifications appear fine. I've also published a powershell session to myself and tried calling a notification balloon programatically that way (using windows forms assemblies), but no dice (it works fine in a full session though).


      I Was wondering if anyone else has encountered issues like this. We're running desktop client v5.4.3 build-16346110, v7.11.0-15231595 agents on our connection servers and v7.11.0-15238678 agents on our RDS hosts.