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    Duplicate horizon connection servers

    mark49808 Novice

      I added my 6 horizon connection servers to my collector (maybe that was wrong) and now in advisor i see many duplicates. 6 copies of each. Am I supposed to add just one per environment? If so the UI or docs should clarify that. Or will that miss events / issues from the other collectors i do not add?

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          You can add all the Horizon pods and pod federations in one collection or you can create multiple collections, based on your needs. For example, you might choose to create separate collections for each pod federation or each pod for easier management and to distribute the sync load across multiple connectors. Or you may choose to include all pods and pod federations in one collection for test purposes and have another identical collection for your production environment.


          If the connection severs are all interlinked then add one primary connection server, if the connection server is interlinked with 3 then configure 3 connection servers.



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