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    vRO 8.1 - Scriptable Task (Powershell) not passing "output" to next action as an "input"

    lowlysysadmin Lurker

      Hi all,

      I have what is hopefully a simple problem.

      I have a workflow which contains 2 actions - both are Powershell scriptable tasks.

      What I am hoping to achieve is to return a value in action 1 (output) and have that value visible in action 2 (input).


      My workflow looks like this:




      Action A:


      Action B:


      Workflow run outputs:

      Action A, note the value "" is returned - I expect this to be the output of action A


      Action B - note that the "" value nor a property name of "subnet" is visible in the inputs:


      I'm sure I have missed something simple, I'm just not sure what it is and the vRO8.1 documentation Powershell action documentation has been no help in this case.


      Thanks in advance