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    Set all your Disabled Users accounts to Inactive

    LSIMM Novice

      As per doc here - Set all your Disabled Users accounts to Inactive


      Has anyone got this setting in place and can confirm the exact behaviour please?


      My area of concern is the flippant nature in which this area refers to "inactive" and "delete" (in the parent) as these are two different things when it comes to user accounts.

      Getting back to the above doc, it states it will make user accounts inactive if the AD account is disabled etc....great, that's exactly what I want.  However, it then states that any devices belonging to those accounts will be un-enrolled, sad face.


      If I manually make a user account inactive, any associated device does NOT un-enroll.  So why does the automated process do this?  Or does it?


      So to save me a whole bunch of unnecessary testing, does anyone know the answer?