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    One possible solution for 'Unable to determine partition start sector(s).'

    root_yurikoles Lurker

      tl;dr: Install Windows on bare metal to solve issue.


      After I made edits to my partitions on my SSD and removed my Windows instance from it, I wanted to reinstall it via Fusion from scratch. But Fusion was unable to create a VM since there was no Windows yet on my SSD. So I tried to create a VM manually and attach a raw disk via vmware-rawdiskCreator create , but I saw a message:


      Unable to determine partition start sector(s).


      Same message was when I tried to recreate a raw disk for my Linux install. I double-checked that my GPT table partitions starting sectors are aligned by 1 MB.

      But solution was to do a bare-metal Windows install first, after that Fusion's vmware-rawdiskCreator was able to create a raw disk for Windows, as well as for my Linux.