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    vcenter 7 tag issue

    ikbarbero Lurker


      Recently we have deployed a new vcenter 7 and migrate to it some host, in the proccess we import a bunch of tag to document owner, cost center a so on.

      Today our level 2 support reports us that they cannot assign or unassign tags or create a new ones. After a basic troubleshooting checking that they have global level permissions because the admins  can do the task we see a weird issue in the tag permission page, it doesn't show anything


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      This group have a costom role created an assigned at global level, but even if we grant them admin role at global the problem persist. Digging in the issue we guess that tag permissions only works with built-in global permissions roles. Those users in the built in administrator groups can manage task without problem and as the level 2 only change tags a few times a month the issue only surfaces weeks after upgrade.


      Anyone could please check in his environment if they can see tag and tag categories permissions tab?. I wasn't able to find any similar issue reported.