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    nsx api - context_id

    jayadevi Lurker



      Example Request:

      POST https://<nsx-mgr>/api/v1/serviceinsertion/services/65a60890-6f48-418d-a7d5-5aaf65fc4e5b/service-instances


        "resource_type": "ServiceInstance",

        "description": "This Service Instance is deployed at T0 router",

        "display_name": "NS Service_Instance_for_ABC",

        "attachment_point": "TIER0_LR",

        "deployed_to": [{

          "is_valid": true,

          "target_display_name": "Active-LR",

          "target_id": "ea9ae885-d3ec-4acc-8194-d5d96dc569cd",

          "target_type": "LogicalRouter"


        "deployment_mode": "STAND_ALONE",

        "deployment_spec_name": "NS_DepSpec",

        "display_name": "NS Service_Instance_for_ABC",

        "implementation_type": "NORTH_SOUTH",

        "instance_deployment_config": {

          "compute_id": "domain-c8",

          "context_id": "44a18335-e72d-4c77-a0b1-7a922c5e086c",    ——————> is this the vcenter id?

          "storage_id": "datastore-12",


      I am trying to use the api and would like to confirm if context_id is the vcenter id

      How can I verify the vcenter id through mob?

      If I could use the compute node id, how can I find it through mob?


      Also is there any difference in nsx3.0 with this api