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    Converting data as part of post install - VMware Appliance Manager

    ashleydrees Novice

      We have just installed vSphere and getting to the end of setup was advised that we should update the vCenter server manager backend - we ran that from https://server.domain.tld:5480/#/ui/  and now for the last twelve or so hours have had a message at https://server.domain.tld:5480/#/ui/update/progress  saying


      Converting data as part of post install


      I cannot cancel this op.
      Not sure i want to force a reboot, but the vsphere web client seems to be doing fine.
      Shows  Version: 7.0.0  Build: 16386335
      AND that updates are available.
      which when i click through on the update message i get:-
      "Unexpected error occurred while fetching the updates"
      This is still in setup mode and I can reinstall if i need but would rather it just settle down.