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    All Android devices are forced to use Android Work/Enterprise enrollment unexpectedly and unable to revert

    MichaelLeung Lurker

      Background: We tried Android Enterprise in a very sub sub OG. And register to Google EMM and work fine for that OG. However, ALL Android devices in all other OG are forced to use Android Enterprise unexpectedly. We have removed and clear ALL Google EMM setting, ALL Android (not  legacy) profile and ALL Google Account setting in the AirWatch console. Also, we have disabled all EMM from Google Play for work. Checked all Google EMM setting are removed in AirWatch console via front-end setting.



      1) All android devices assigned to use Android Work (Enterprise), but we want to stay in Legacy mode

      2) Whenever we removed ALL Google account, problem persists.

      3) When add a Android (not Legacy) device profile, found that no need to login Google EMM (but removed ALL related settings and login)