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    "updates" tab not refreshing after 6.5 u2 to 6.7 U3 update

    TAB405ALZ Novice

      I successfully upgraded VCSA 6.5 U2 to 6.7U3 - (fully patched to date) and everything appears to be fine except the "updates" tab in HTML

      Works fine in Flex


      I have two 6.7 vCenters now (both 6.7 U3) and am running HTML in Chrome - vCenterA has "updates" tab just spinning and never refreshing, vCenterB has no issue

      VUM as a hole is fine as in flex I was able to update all ym hosts, baselines etc - all is well.


      Has anyone else had trouble getting "updates" tab to refresh?

      I have restarted WEB and VUM svc, rebooted appliance.