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    Start Support for Virtualizing Real Mode

    ledude1 Lurker

      Hi all.


      For whatever reason, my ESXI 6.0 go berzerk and since I've been holding on upgrade to the latest version, I thought this will be the best time to upgrade the ESXi to 6.7.  Well, found out the hard way, my Xeon is a bit on the old side and I can't boot up all my VM in the old machine using the 6.7 because the Xeon doesn't support the virtualizing real mode.  So I now have to downgrade it back but I'm wondering which version should I downgrade it back to so that I can boot my VM back?  I know the 6.0 works just fine with the current VM.  Will 6.5 give me the same issue as 6.7 with the VRM error?   Please advise?