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    Problem of portability

    jdoe56 Lurker



      I ported an application to Windows with ThinApp and I got the following error:



      "ThinApp has encountered an unexpected error. Click Abort to close the application, Retry to debug, or Continue to ignore the error. Support info: PID=12976, create_process.cpp@4548, Unexpected execption in RelaunchUsingCreateProcess."



      Can someone help me fix it?


      Thank you. Thank you.

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          fuzzc Novice
          VMware Employees

          This looks like an error while running on Windows 10 2004 (20H1).

          The latest Thinapp 5.2.7 was released before Win 10 20H1 was available , and unfortunately doesn't support this Windows version. The next release of Thinapp will be adding support for Windows 10 2004