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    ssh tunnel ability (sshd_config)

    Snify Lurker

      I am trying to configure ESXi's host sshd_config file and added  "GatewayPorts yes" to enable port-forwarding

      After that, I restarted ssh and used the auto-backup.sh script to save my changes.


      My goal ist to access my SSH-VMs via the ESXI Host through SSH, hence




      doesn't let me connect to the local 9999 port


      however this works:

      ssh -L 9999:MYESXIHOSTNAME(or localhost):443 -N MYESXIHOSTNAME // ESXI Web-Interface Example


      Is there anything I miss, such as firewall stuff or even sshd_config changes to make the ESXI Host connect to other hosts at all?


      Any help is apreciated, thank you.


      PS.: My ESXI Host and all my VMs in it, are connected to the same "router", hence they are accessible through each hostname or specified ip-address.

      (I have a Oracle Linux VM and I can use SSH-Tunneling just fine by connecting from the VM to my ESXI Host via SSH)