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    Do not read VMware Knowledgebase Article 1002511

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      Do not read VMware Knowledgebase Article 1002511


      VMware Knowledgebase Article 1002511 describes how to create a vmdk descriptorfile if all you have is the flat.vmdk

      The procedure it uses is

      - taking more time than necessary

      - prone to errors

      - creates unnecessary extra files which is contra productive

      - and makes fixing real problems unneccessarily harder.

      Here is just another example how it can affect recovery work - see

      VMFS datastore recovery need


      If you have the size and name of the flat.vmdk all you need is a sample for a descriptor such as this:


      # Disk DescriptorFile






      # Extent description

      RW VAR1 VMFS "VAR2"


      # The Disk Data Base


      ddb.adapterType = "lsilogic"

      ddb.geometry.cylinders = "VAR3"

      ddb.geometry.heads = "255"

      ddb.geometry.sectors = "63"


      Now edit the 3 variables to

      VAR1 = size of flat.vmdk in bytes divided by 512 which gives you the required size in sectors

      VAR2 = the name of the flat.vmdk

      VAR3 = value of VAR1 divided by 16065 rounded down


      If you are not used to work with  vi use a Windows admin host, connect with WinSCP and then create a new file with the embedded editor.

      Avoid creating new flat.vmdks when ever possible - and especially when when it is contra productivbe !!!!


      Please avoid VMware Knowledge Base 1002511

      That applies to the text and the video especially in cases where you are unsure - following this KB can make matters worse.


      @ VMware: if rewriting this KB is too expensive let me know - I rewrite it for you