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    Best Practices Reconfigure VMotion from 2 to 4 Hosts

    Dthompson04 Enthusiast

      Hello Community,

      Due to updated licensing we're moving from two separate vCenters with two hosts each to one vCenter with four hosts.  Under the old configuration we had VMotion configured point to point using a /30 between the two servers.

      In the new configuration I'd like to set up VMotion so that each host can VMotion to each of the other hosts.  Which configuration is best or is there a third option


      1.  Create one /29 network to allow all four hosts to connect to each other

      2.  Create three separate VMotion connections on each host.  NOTE:   This method is limited by the number of connections we have available, but I could trunk them all down one large pipe.


      NOTE:  Distributed Switches are not in use.