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    Getting Properties from a ManagedObjectReference

    jguereca Lurker

      I am trying to figure out how to get a subset of properties from a ManagedObjectReference to HostSystem.


      My current use case is that I am using a property collector to retrieve all VirtualMachines. One of the properties I am retrieving is the host property for the VirtualMachine. All I want to get is the name of the host that the VirtualMachine belongs to.


      If anyone knows how I can do this in Java that would be a huge help!

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          jguereca Lurker

          I was able to figure this out.


          In the vSphere Web Services SDK Programming Guide - VMware vSphere 6.7 starting on page 75, there is an Example: Inventory Traversal in Java that shows how to extend the TraversalSpec to a nested managed object.


          Here is a snippet of that example

          // extend from virtual machine to network TraversalSpec

          tSpecVmN = new TraversalSpec();





          // add the network traversal specs

          // to the virtual machine traversal;

          // the accessor method (getSelectSet) returns a reference

          // to the mapped XML representation of the list; using this

          // reference to add the spec will update the selectSet list