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    Freebsd 11.1 P1 OS packet drops with vsphere 6.7 update 1

    ManivelR Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      I have few freebsd 11.1 p1 vms which is running on vSphere 6.7 update 1.


      We started facing high packet drops when we ping other vms in the same subnet(40 rto out of 1000 pings)

      It's running with vmxnet3 adapter without any VMware tools from beginning. Hardware version is still having v10.


      We started facing this issues after vm migration to different cluster where the underlying storage is same.


      Please note, all these freebsd vms were migrated to this vSphere 6.7 environment recently from vSphere 5.5 where we have not faced any issues.


      From beginning, we have not installed any vmtools on freebsd vms.


      To reproduce this issue, we have built a new free bsd vm with 11.1 version where we have not noticed any single packet drops. All looks fine here.


      Next plans;-

      Vm tools can be installed. It may fix the issue.

      Else we can downgrade the vmxnet3 to e1000 to see the behavior.


      Any other idea to resolve this issue?



      Manivel RR