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    Parents showing tools not running

    HendersonD Hot Shot

      ESXi hosts - 6.7 Update 3, build 16316930

      VMware Tools - 11.0.6

      Connection server and agents - 7.11

      Center appliance - v6.7.0.44100

      nVidia vibs and drivers - 10.1


      I am using three hosts and have three Horizon View pools so I end up with

      3 Templates

      3 Replicas

      9 Parents


      Here is the odd thing, all 9 parents are of course powered on but it shows in the vSphere web interface that VMware Tools is not running on any of them. The View desktops that are based on these parents all show VMware tools running. What causes this? This was never the case in the past and we have been running Horizon 7 for quite awhile.