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    moving linked clones to another vcenter and off existing storage to a new storage

    rastickland Novice

      good afternoon.  i wanted to somewhat think out loud  with this question but  we have a storage array that is attached to our vdi environment that needs to be retired. to that end, there are multiple datastores attached to multiple hosts in more than one vcenter.  we have multiple vcenters due to the fact that we wanted some resiliency in how we did our clusters.   so my question is relatively simple:


      what is the best, recommend, or preferred way to move non linked cloned vm's from one vcenter (Hosts and Storage) to a completely different vcenter(Hosts and Storage)?


      a) the traditional power off, remove from inventory, migrate storage, register vm with new hosts\vcenter?



      b) some other way?  example: cross vcenter utilization tool(vmware fling)