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    VMMark 3 Initial Setup

    krishnadc Novice

      Hi Team,


      I am planning to set-up VMMark 3 tool and hit upon the following questions while going through the User's guide and FAQs.


      1. Can I deploy the VMMark Template and the Prime Client VM in the same cluster and ESXi host (other than the System-Under-Test)? or Do I need seperate ESXi Host for Template and Prime Client ?
      2. If I understand it right, I need to set-up 1 cluster and 1 ESXi host per Tile, Is it correct?




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          fredab2 Enthusiast
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          In a typical VMmark3 environment two clusters are set up for testing: the Client Cluster and the SUT (Servers Under Test) Cluster. The Client Cluster will contain the PrimeClient and the Client VMs used during the testing.  The SUT Cluster will contain all the other workload VMs created and the template that is used for both creating all the VMs being tested and used as an Infrastructure operation (deploy a VM) during testing.


          A cluster is made up of any number of ESXi hosts and the SUT Cluster is always a minimum of two hosts. You do not need 1 ESXi host per tile. If you look at some of the submitted results to the VMmark3 Results website (VMmark 3.x Results) you can get an idea of how many tiles can run on each ESXi host based on the type of processor (model, cores, frequency, etc) you are testing in your  SUT Cluster.



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            krishnadc Novice

            Thanks fredab2 for your answer.