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    Angry Frustrated Down $$$


      I don't feel that way.


      If had a tier 3 man wasting hours trying to resolve PSOD on change systems I'd be (removed by moderator)


      If I spent $15k on a storage solution whether that be nas, sas, iscsi or (removed by moderator) usb you should support it!


      Keep telling us all what we can't do or you won't.


      I have never met a single engineer that doesn't both love and hate you at the same time... that was easy when you we're the only game in town....that is not the case any more so get your resume together.


      We all cannot wait for someone to come along and kick your (removed by moderator). When they do you will fall so hard.


      So Yahoo


      Another PSOD


      Thanks for making me work so damn hard for so little.


      Your programmers suck.


      I love you, I hate you.



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          Just to clarify as well... those of us that have done this work for more than a day know that almost every single time we have to deal with PSOD (regardless of version) it is a driver issue.


          Do your damn job!!!!!!


          It is not the job of the rest of the IT industry to conform to YOU!!!


          Sooner or later that just costs the industry too much overall and we end you. Like Sun before you and sooner or later SAP


          Come on now when you run it right you're the best but when it doesn't it is the worst.


          Much love,