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    Horizon Cloud on Azure error when deploy

    fabio1975 Novice

      Hi guy,

      We have a big problem with Horizon Cloud on Azure Pod Deploy.

      We recived this error:


      Unrecognized error occurred. Please check all your Network Settings and retry the operation. If the issue reoccurs, then please contact your VMware representative for further assistance.


      The deploy  has created the Azure VM (node and UAG), the Load Balancer for UAG and node, the SQL DB postgress.


      I have a HUB vnet and SPOKE vnet.

      I have a peer from SPOKE to HUB

      In Spoke vNet we have deployed 3 subner (DMZ,TENANT and Management)


      DMZ for UAG


      TENANT per VM


      Form Management i am able to connect do DNS and AD.


      Thank for any info.



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          fabio1975 Novice

          Hi guys

          I have opened a call to the support last week,

          but the only information I had is that according to the technicians (from whom I received only a couple of emails) the problem seems to be linked to a problem with the DNS


          Executing hydra JWT certificate fetching
          curl: (7) Failed to connect to cloud-eu-2.horizon.vmware.com port 443: Connection timed out

          but from my management POD that has been deployed I fix everything correctly.



          Did any of you mail deployed the solution in WestEurope's Azure region?

          Have you encountered any problems?


          Thank You