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    Usernames with @ in LDAP vCenter integration (user@site.com@domain.com)

    oleksii_pavlenko Lurker

      Hello everyone!

      We are using OKTA with logins in email format (user@site.com).

      As OKTA has LDAP interface, I was able to add a new identity source under Single Sign On -> Configuration. I can see users and groups.

      So now we have:

      username: user@site.com


      domain: domain.com

      In order to login into vCenter I have to specify username@domain, in our case, this should be something like:


      which is not acceptable by vCenter.


      My question is: is it possible to get it working without changing usernames on OKTA/LDAP side and how to?

      PS: It's wotking fine with usernames without @.