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    Virtual Machine has more then 3 Snapshots - Veeam Replica

    MattHumphreys Novice

      We run veeam to replicate virtual machines from one location to another, they have many snapshots attached as per the replication and retention settings and we now get this critical warning, not sure how applicable this is because all the VM's that its alerting for are powered off and are replica's.


      Your article suggests that 32 snapshots are supported but for optimal performance 2-3 is recommended


      How does that qualify as a "Critical" finding if its just a recommendation


      Secondly in terms of performance should there not be some sort of logic check to see if the VM is actually powered on.


      Thirdly all the snapshots are created automatically by Veeam and they have a particular format "Restore Point dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM:SS" as the name and there is a description which contains data that veeam uses, is it possible to setup some logic to exclude these type of snapshots from the logic?